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Sustainable Access to Green Hydrogen

One of the key components required for the success of The H2Rendezvous Project is reliable sustainable access to green Hydrogen. It is critical that multiple independent Memorandum of Understanding concerning supply and purchase agreements with local multifaceted Hydrogen production companies are established to ensure a consistent daily supply.

One such company is H2EC, who will be responsible for the construction and delivery of a renewable energy generation facility, that is required for the newly established Agave farm located between Proserpine and Bowen.

The success of the H2Rendezvous project will provide the confidence for the future Hydrogen production expansion and supply as demand dictates.

Our mobile 1000kgs capacity mobile hydrogen re-fueller will have the versatility tap into hydrogen production plants from Gladstone to Townsville.

Hydrogen Re fueller

H2Rendezvous Project has sort out and secured three additional MOU and one letter of intent in the Northern and Central QLD region to ensure a reliable supply of hydrogen when required.

Edify Energy — Green energy for a bright future is major contributor to utility scale Australian solar generated electricity with over $1.5 billion delivery on green energy creation and storage. Edify’s green footprint extends well into the heart of the Whitsunday region having delivered no less than four solar farms operating creating 380 MW of electricity.

H2Rendezvous have signed a MOU to receive hydrogen from Edify’s Phase One c 10MW hydrogen electrolyser located in the Lansdown Industrial Precinct, Townsville. This production plant will produce up to 3000 kgs of green Hydrogen per day. Operational in 2024 this facility gives the confidence for the future expansion of the off-take use of hydrogen use in marine tourism space.

H2Rendezvous Project has entered into a forth MOU with Energy Estate for the supply of hydrogen. Energy Estate is developing a green hydrogen production facility at Abbot Point, 25km north west of Bowen, QLD, paired with a behind the meter solar PV and wind farm. The project will be located at the existing export terminal, repurposing infrastructure into a decarbonisation platform (Abbot Point Renewable Energy Hub).

These hydrogen providers will add to the reliability of hydrogen supply not only to The H2Rendezvous Project but allow future expansion of hydrogen propelled transport in the Whitsunday region weather that be marine or road transportation.

Click to listen to recent ABC Radio interview with Project Director, Frank Hobson.

New Marine Technologies

After years of research at Sandia National Laboratories focused on identifying the optimal use cases for various zero emissions power technologies, one thing became abundantly clear. The single most compelling use case for hydrogen fuel cell technology is within the commercial maritime sector.

Hydrogen is the simplest element consisting of only one proton and one electron.

It is the most plentiful element in the universe and extremely high in energy. Hydrogen as a fuel source is similar to natural gas but does not contain carbon. Hydrogen Fuel Cells directly convert hydrogen to power with zero emissions. Hydrogen has been around for decades as a commodity with a proven track record for handling and safe usage in countless commercial/industrial applications.

Australia’s First Hydrogen Powered Commercial Marine Vessel

New Marine Technologies
New Marine Technologies
New Marine Technologies
New Marine Technologies
New Marine Technologies

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